holiday specials

4th of July special: red-white-blue ice cream ideas

2012-07-02 by rumtscho. 0 comments

With the holiday around the corner, we admins decided to give you a holiday special. Last year, we had a nice question for colored ice creams, and while rumtscho answered it with ideas, they were untested. So we enlisted the help of some #FryingPan regulars and tried out a few ideas. Some didn’t work outright, but in the end, we created three ice creams fit to adorn your holiday table. They all work with a single batch of white ice cream, so you don’t have to plan three days early, refreezing the bowl of the ice cream maker overnight.

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How to experiment with a dish: What I learned this Shavuot

2012-06-04 by Martha F.. 3 comments

A few years ago, my mother gave me our family recipe for Matzah Cheese Balls. My namesake, my great-grandmother Martha, used to make them for my mother when she was a child, but I don’t remember my mother making them for me. I decided to make them for Shavuot this year.

Unfortunately, they turned out bland—too subdued for the modern palate. Undaunted, I decided to fix the recipe, guided by intuition and an occasional visit to The Frying Pan. In contrast to the methodological testing of our previous two posts, I’ll explore a less rigorous, more common approach. How do you fix a recipe when it just doesn’t turn out as you’d like?

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